Social Responsibility

  • MG Baltic Group donated the sculpture of Jonas Basanavičius as a gift to the House of the Signatories.
  • MG Baltic Group also sponsored the publishing of Algirdas Grigaravičius’ book about Jonas Basanavičius, entitled Atsiskyrėlis iš Suvalkijos (A Hermit from Suvalkija Region).
  • The Group has been sponsoring the publishing of books focused on the exploration of Lithuania’s history and cultural heritage for many years already. The catalogue of publications financed by the concern include: Lietuvos istorija. Nepriklausomybė (1918–1940 m.) (Lithuania’s History. Independence (1918–1940)); Lietuvos medinės bažnyčios (Lithuanian Wooden Churches); a three-decker of Janas Bulhakas dedicated to the photography of old Vilnius; Stanisław Filibert Fleury: fotografijos (Stanisław Filibert Fleury: Photographs); Dingęs Vilnius (Lost Vilnius) by Vladas Drėma (repeated edition); six volumes of Mykolas Römeris’ diaries, etc.

  • MG Baltic Group is supporter of Lithuanian Free Market Institute.

  • MG Baltic Group has been sponsoring Vilnius University since 2005: the company gives nominal scholarships to the top fourth-year students studying at the VU Faculty of Economics.

  • The Group has been the general sponsor of Misija Sibiras (“Mission Siberia”), which fosters civil responsibility and patriotism among youth, since the project began in 2006.

  • MG Baltic has made a significant contribution to the promotion of tennis in Lithuania and the development of young players. MG Baltic is the main sponsor of the Davis Cup in Lithuania, as well as a long-time sponsor of the Lithuanian national tennis team. It was not by chance that Vilnius’ most reputable award – the statue of St. Christopher – was given to Teniso Pasaulis (“Tennis World”) in 2013 for the Vilnius Tennis Academy: this company has been uniting the tennis community and forming traditions and a tennis culture in Lithuania for ten years already.

LNK TV is a constant social project initiator and partner: permanent suporter of the Food Bank, partner of organization Save the Children and partner of Mothers' Unit. In Vilnius Town Hall a traditional awarding “Pragiedruliai” (Bright Periods) of Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission took place. This year LNK television received a special prize for the social projects, performed by television, and the programme “Alchemija” (Alchemy) of LNK group “Info TV” was recognized to be the best cultural programme.

MG Valda by creating a harmonious environment, looks to address issues related not only to the construction site, but to the entire region or city as well. This includes everything from blood donation campaigns, to cleaning up the banks of the Neris River, to a variety of environmental projects. You can read more about this here: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Mitnija adheres to high ethical standards and pays significant attention to the environment, as well as to social and economic responsibility.

Mediafon, as a socially responsible company, is happy to support initiatives which make us at least a bit kinder and sensitive. Since 2004, the company has been sponsoring the charity project "Išsipildymo akcija" ("Dreams Come True"), organized by TV3 television and SEB bank, and LNK television’s charity tele-marathon "Gerumo diena" ("A Day of Kindness"). Mediafon also supports Unicef and Save the Children, various social initiatives such as "Mission: Siberia", "Red Nose Day", "SOS Children’s Villages" and other initiatives.

1st of April, 2016, MG Baltic office staff organized Neris river-side cleaning and collected 70 bags of trash.

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The Group and its companies pay considerable attention to staff training, celebrations, sports festivals and other events, both within and between companies. The Group has a number of key events for its employees. Employees of subdivisions of MV Group have been coming together from different towns and countries to socialise and compete in sporting events at the Mineraliada, which has been taking place for more than 15 years. Meanwhile, 31st of January, 2015, all the MG Baltic Group employees were invited to MG BALTIC New Years event in Siemens arena, all in total 3 thousand people participated.

Vadovų klubas (“Managers’ Club”): in 2002, the heads of the Group’s subsidiary companies formed their own club with the goal of strengthening intercommunication and sharing management experience and ideas. The club meets two times per year – in spring and fall; the financial results of the companies are examined, and budgets are discussed. Atradimai (“Discoveries”): this traditional corporate event has been held every summer since 2005 for the top managers of the Group’s companies. This is an opportunity to become acquainted with special and meaningful places and people, discover new ideas, and experience new things.